Three Skins

Each tower begins as a mass made of three skins layered on top of each other and each skin has a different form of articulation (clean, corrupted, and paneled). Working without an envelope also allows for a new coherency between architectural elements to be explored. Columns can be inflated or de-laminated into volumes seamlessly resulting in a new type of relationship between inside and outside. Central cores can be carved away or bulged out in order create spatial conditions that further integrate the more standard from of design (such as a core) with more unique conditions without having to create separation between the two.


Ernst Haeckel Interpretations

For the first week to start off my M.Arch 2 program at Sci-Arc we were presented with Ernst Haeckel images and were given the task of creating the “creatures” in 3d and producing renderings and drawings as a way to learn the 3d modeling program Maya. Haeckel is known for his research and artistic representations of many different types of animalistic creatures.