This blog is meant to convey the virtuosity of digital technique through the design and fabrication of architectural elements of multiple scales through an AD HOC mentality allowing for the discovery of new form, interactions, and events. Design has already acknowledged the extreme importance of digital craft and the use of programming and 3D modeling as the current step in creating new and exciting form. Nicholas de Monchaux wrote a piece of writing called “Space Suit” that provides a list of historical inventions that have utilized an Ad-Hoc approach to solving a technical problem where Ad-Hoc refers to the ability to create makeshift solutions or shifting contexts to create new meanings or improvised events. The primary invention he sites is the Apollo AL7 Pressure Garment which “used the industrial division of the Playtex Bra and Girdle Company, against stiff opposition from hard, one piece suits much beloved by designers” (Monchaux). By using this Ad-Hoc approach within the realm of architecture, new coherencies between architectural elements can be discovered resulting in the creation of new form that could solve many issues found while moving forward within a digital environment. Examples of Ad-Hoc uses can be found in Maya, ZBrush, Rhino, and Grasshopper along with fabrication methods from CNC Machining to 6-Axis Robotic Arm Design and the use of mixed media like animation and projection mapping in order to prove that this is a viable mode of designing.


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