Painting Robots _ Finals

SCI-Arc Fall 2013
Applied Studies Seminar
Instructor: Devyn Weiser
TA: Jeff Halstead
Robot House Manager: Jake Newsum
Team: Lung Chi Chang, Nanyen Chen, Lin Wenxin, Lily Nourmansouri, Austin Samson

This project aims to provide a better understanding of the robots inability to produce exact replicas of a portrait painting by understanding its tendency to create unforeseen effects due to certain environmental and technical factors such as the properties of the tools, mediums, or manual interaction from humans.
In the earlier experiments, we discovered that the markers were capable of producing streaks of very fine linework when they are used in a specific manner.

During later experiments we spent time trying to understand all the different parameters that can affect the type of streak, the density of the streaks, and the thickness of the lines.

During final production we refined and mastered those parameters so that we could begin to control the discrepancies of the linework in a much more localized and decisive fashion.

The parameters we were taking control over included the tension of the canvas as it was being hung, the dryness and thickness of the marker, the path of the marker, the amount of pressure given to the marker against the canvas, and the type of stroke. The result was a series of paintings that used a hand-like wrist movement (much like a painter stoking a brush) along the contours of a face that were created by using a 3D model of a face within a digital interface.

Each series of paintings changes slightly in density and lineweight as we pressed the canvas harder against the marker and allowed the marker to dry out over the course of its path.


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