This series of posts will focus on work done during my studio with Hernan Diaz-Alonso (www.xefirotarch.com). The studio revolves around the concept of meat butchery in terms of how we understand ways of manipulating 3D forms. I am interested in the simulated tearing affect provided by Maya and how it can be used to manipulate geometry. We begin by working on massing forms with the notion that later on, we will begin to carve into these forms in order to create and manipulate the form into architecture.

After moving through a series of simulated tearing processes in Maya I was left with open surface membranes. I then began to stitch the open surfaces back together in order to create massing that has volume. The new massing studies are then further modified and stitched to one another to create new forms. I also began giving thickness to the open torn surfaces and then stitching those together to create a different type of form that I believe held on to the language of the original torn surfaces.


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