Responsive Architecture – 5 Sociography

“Sociography: Spatial Operation of Social Forces”

By Professor Robert Cowherd

“Architecture and bodies co-produce space.” The first two photos are long exposure photos of cars on a main street in Berlin, Germany. Humans have the right to move through and occupy space. The existence of human movement within space is essential to understand how to better design the space around which we embody. Is it possible to conceive that the introduction of main highways through cities has restricted or halted such movement? These roads that seem to have a constant flow of traffic create physical barriers of movement. Lets take “The Big Dig” of Boston as an attempt to show a before and after effect. Before, I93 created an apparent wall to the north end, a division that halted much wanted movement from downtown to the water. After the removal of I93, the space was transformed dramatically with the addition of human movement through the new space.

The last photo offers a possible solution to an interaction of traffic and human movement. Do they need to be separated. Can he sense of human movement be heightened if raised above the movement of vehicles?


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